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Teal Hunting
 For an incredible September Teal small duck migration , look to the Bayou State of Louisiana also known as the "Sportsman's Paradise". Hunting during the massive September teal migration is phenomenal and incredible!
 As massive numbers of blue wing teal stop in Louisiana on their migration to South America to gorge themselves in the recently harvested rice fields of Southwest Louisiana. Don’t miss this incredible adventure!
 In Louisiana we are allowed 6 teal. Hunting areas are located south of I-10. At a given time before sunrise, we will meet at the Shop Rite Travel Plaza. Bourbon Street Cafe, open 24 hours, 1823 Elton Road, Jennings, LA. 70546 (337-616-9989), Exit 64/Hwy 26 off Interstate 10 approximately 500 yards south of Interstate 10. Hunters will then follow in their vehicles to a designated hunting area.  Transportation from your vehicle to the blind will be provided.
 Consider lodging in Jennings, LA which is near hunting sites. Jennings is located in Southwest Louisiana approximately 30 minutes west of Lafayette off 1-10 at exit 64 and Hwy 26. Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel are located at 310 W. Fred Ruth Ziegler
Memorial Drive, Jennings, LA 70546. For reservations call 337-824-2699.
Teal Season
 (East Zone)
Sept 15 - 30, 2017
$200 per hunter / per morning (Fri,Sat,Sun)
$150 per hunter / per morning (Mon-Thurs)
* All Hunts Guided *
David Smith Hunting Teal Hunt 2016
2016 Sept. Teal Season - Louisiana Rice Fields
CLICK HERE to View - 7:01 mins.
2016 September Teal Season
Prediction Video By David
CLICK HERE to View - 2:32 mins
2016 Mid September Teal Season
Update Video By David
CLICK HERE to View - 4:31 mins.
DS Teal Hunt Short A300
Teal Hunt September 2015 in Ricefields
of Southwest Louisiana
CLICK HERE - 6:57 mins.
DSTips MasterTeal 300
Teal Calling Tips by David
CLICK HERE - 2 mins.
Interior view of buried pit blind
Seats swivel 360 degrees for excellent visual
and more timely shots!

Ricefield teal pond with pit blind buried in levee.

Saturday, September 10, 2016
66 ducks (11 limits by 8:00 am, one decoy spread)
Large numbers of teal. Incredible hunt!
Sunday, September 11, 2016
36 ducks (6 limits, one decoy spread)
lots of teal. excellent hunt.
Monday, September 12, 2016
6 ducks, 1 limit, one hunter
in a matter of seconds
after legal shooting hours,
15 to 20 birds per group!
Thank you Lord!.
David Smith Hunting Teal Tuesday_1046
Tuesday, September 13, 2016
12 ducks, 2 limits
(within minutes!)
David King
worker/guide with David Smith
Thursday, September 15, 2016
”The best teal season in years!
Awesome! Incredible!
3 ducks short of 18 full limits of teal.
Almost a 100% success ratio
for customer and guide limits.”
Friday, September 16, 2016
24 ducks (4 limits)
All smiles - a great hunt!
Saturday, September 17, 2016
18 ducks (3 limits)
All smiles - 25-40 teal per group.
Lots of shooting!!
Saturday - September 12, 2015 - Opening Day
6 hunters - 6 limits - 36 teal by 7:15 am
Wednesday - September 16, 2015
6 hunters - 12 teal by 8:30 am
Tuesday - September 22, 2015
3 hunters - 18 teal

September 2015

9 hunters, hunting the above blind,
harvested 54 ducks
(9 limits) on opening day by 7:40 A.M..
An incredible hunt!
Sunday, September 25, 2016
last day of season
9 ducks within 30 minutes!
DavidSmithHunting-Teal 27A1
Sunday - September 13, 2015
6 hunters - 6 limits - 36 teal by 7:30 am
Thursday - September 17, 2015
9 hunters - 24 teal by 8:30 am
September 2015

September 2015

September Teal Season 7 hunters (1 blind)
7 limits of teal (28 ducks)
Cell: 337-305-1956
Bus: 337-546-6492
Mail Address:
450 Harold Street, Eunice, LA. 70535


All hunts need to be booked and full payment received prior to hunt with a check or money order.

Hunts will automatically be canceled if full payment is not received by David Smith prior to hunt.

For a private hunt (7 or more hunters) one check or money order must be received by David Smith prior to hunt to guarantee the hunt.

Other payment options maybe available.

Make checks payable to: David Smith, 450 Harold Street, Eunice, LA. 70535

  If an individual or party fails to show up on their chosen hunting day, the hunt $ (dollar) value is forfeited, UNLESS a two week advanced notice is given and the canceled hunt is rebooked with another party.
Hunts are non transferable and must be used prior to March 2018.
DS TEAL Davids Page
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