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Davids Page
Goose Hunting
Blue, Snow and Ross Geese
Arkansas Season
Nov 15 - Dec 1, 2017
Dec 3, 2017 - Jan 28, 2018
NOTE: Hunters are expected to help put out and pick up decoys
(usually a 30 minute process) before and after hunt.
Interior view of buried pit blind
Seats swivel 360 degrees for excellent visual
and more timely shots!
Pit blind shown in photo to left is buried
in center of decoys in above photo.
Traveling decoys!
Approximately 500 full body blue and snow goose decoys by Green Head Gear.
These are the single piece most
anatomically correct decoys on the market!
Hunt anywhere on a moments notice!
Put out & pickup decoys on morning of hunt
& harvest more geese.
Aerial view of decoy spread.
Blue and snow goose decoy spread.
“Specklebelly hunt not included.”
CLICK HERE to view- 1:01 mins.
Appreciate the good hunts!
They don’t happen every day!

Specklebelly Goose Hunting

Arkansas Season
 Nov 15 - Dec 1, 2017
Dec 3, 2017 - Jan 28, 2018
$200 per hunter / per morning
$150 per hunter / per evening
* All Hunts Guided *
NOTE: Hunters are expected to help put out and pick up decoys
(usually a 30 minute process) before and after hunt.
Specklebelly goose hunting in Arkansas is Spectacular ! Incredible !
At times is ridiculous ! Specklebelly geese everywhere !
Consider a morning hunt or evening hunt. Either will be lots of fun !
Specklebelly goose season opens on Wednesday Nov. 15, 2017-
Three days prior to opening day of the first duck season (Nov. 18, 2017).
Don’t miss three days of outstanding speck hunting !
Awesome Specklebelly goose Hunt!
Traveling decoys - approximately 200 new >>> specklebelly single piece, anatomically
 correct decoys by Avery/Greenhead Gear.

Excellent Specklebelly goose hunt !

New Trailer Pic B 42116_6573
Goose Calling Tips MasterA
Speck Calling by David
CLICK HERE to view - 2:27 mins.

Special Order Conservation Season

( Blue, Snow & Ross )

Arkansas Season

Jan 29 - Feb 2, 2018
Feb 4 - April 26, 2018
All Hunts are Guided
$225 per hunter / per morning
NOTE: Hunters are expected to help put out and pick up decoys
(usually a 30 minute process) before and after hunt.

 The February “Special Order Conservation Season” for blue, snow and ross geese in Arkansas is exciting, explosive and incredible!

 The Special Order Conservation Season is a desperate attempt by the Wildlife & Fisheries to greatly reduce the population explosion in the huge numbers of blue, snow and ross geese.

 During this special season we are not allowed to harvest ducks, Canadian or white-fronted (specklebelly) geese. Only blue, snow and ross geese may be harvested.
 HOWEVER this exciting, incredible Special Season has three outstanding opportunities:
 FIRST is the removal of plugs from shotguns allowing hunters to shoot approximately four or more shells in a moment without reloading.
 SECOND there are no daily bag limits! Hunters may harvest as many snow,
blue and ross geese as possible.
 THIRD is the highly effective use of prerecorded electronically produced goose sounds.
  David Smith Hunting has designed and built specialized electronic callers for our exclusive use. We have captured and digitally edited the natural sounds of geese and use Bose Hi-Fi Stereo technology to play these special sounds while incorporating electronics in decoys that simulate realistic movement.
David Smith Electronic Goose Call
David’s display at Wild Game Dinner
demonstrating his electronic callers
and unique natural goose sounds used
in today’s goose hunting.

CLICK HERE to view - 30 secs.

DavidSmithHunting Shotgun Plug Removal A
Shotgun plug removal
Conservation season only

CLICK HERE to view - 2:45 mins

David Smith Hunting ARK B001 David Smith Hunting ARK C001
Arkansas hunt 100+ geese
one morning hunt, February
Special Order Conservation Season
Some of David’s guides and workers.
An incredible morning hunt !
Shooting one goose at a time !
DavidSmithHunting 9190
This is fun !
I’ll be back
DavidSmithHunting 7393
One hunter- “I shot 6 times every time!”
2nd hunter in background -
“I’ve shot 4 boxes so far!”
DavidSmithHunting 6897
Goose tracks in the snow
DavidSmithHunting 2245
Goose hunting in the snow
Cell: 337-305-1956
Bus: 337-546-6492
Mail Address:
450 Harold Street, Eunice, LA. 70535


All hunts need to be booked and full payment received prior to hunt with a check or money order.

Hunts will automatically be canceled if full payment is not received by David Smith prior to hunt.

For a private hunt (7 or more hunters) one check or money order must be received by David Smith prior to hunt to guarantee the hunt.

Other payment options maybe available.

Make checks payable to: David Smith, 450 Harold Street, Eunice, LA. 70535

  If an individual or party fails to show up on their chosen hunting day, the hunt $ (dollar) value is forfeited, UNLESS a two week advanced notice is given and the canceled hunt is rebooked with another party.
Hunts are non transferable and must be used prior to March 2018.
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