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Combo Duck & Goose Hunting
Flooded Timber Hunting
All Hunts are guided
7 or more hunters
(Private Hunt)
 $400 per hunter for two morning hunts
$100 per hunter for an afternoon speck hunt
Less than 7 hunters
$225 per hunter per morning
$150 per hunter for an afternoon speck hunt
DavidSmithHunting ARK_a8955
Elevated duck blind hidden in the morning tree shadows. Dog ramp can be seen.
DavidSmithHunting ARK_a8870.PNG
DavidSmithHunting ARK ss8872.PNG

Lounging area on first floor of elevated duck blind

DavidSmithHunting ARK_a8956

Shooting area on 2nd floor of elevated duck blind.

Downward view from 2nd floor of elevated duck blind. Shooting down from above the ducks. WOW !

DavidSmithHunting ARK_a8957
Skyward view from 2nd floor of elevated blind. Suddenly the ducks are in your face !
Shootem ! Shootem !
David Smith Hunting's Combo Duck & Goose Decoy Spread
Interior view of buried pit blind seats
swivel 360 degrees for excellent visual
and more timely shots!
Combination duck & goose decoy spread.
 Pit blind shown in photo to left is buried
in levee in above video.

CLICK HERE to view - 1:10 mins.


Vast amounts of floating and full body decoys

<< Photo to left is a Combo Duck and Goose Hunt.
Geese apparently were not moving very well on this hunt but the ducks were. Tomorrows hunt could produce just the opposite, more geese than ducks. That’s the beauty of a combo hunt, either the ducks or geese will usually move well. Occasionally, both ducks and geese move a lot on the same day.
Note: Paul Baker, guide in center, led this group to a successful hunt. Also, Chris Dear, 2nd from left contributes to many successful hunts!
Thanks Paul and Chris!
9 hunters - one decoy spread
Combo duck & goose hunt
 Awesome hunt!
 Note the feathers that have been wind blown against the levee. Feathers found floating on the surface of the water are a result of the normal preening process of ducks & geese.
 This is an indication that ducks and geese are preening, sleeping and loafing in hunting areas.
This greatly enhances your hunting opportunity for success!
Davis Smith Hunting Dog Retriever_0154
Duck Calling Tips by David
CLICK HERE to view - 12:01 mins.
David Smith Display & Hunting Dog Retriever Demonstration
Acadian Baptist Center
Wildgame Supper
CLICK HERE to view - 4:05 mins.
Cell: 337-305-1956
Bus: 337-546-6492
Mail Address:
450 Harold Street, Eunice, LA. 70535
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