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Guide Service for almost 40 years!
* 2015 Teal Season *
This teal season in the rice fields of Louisiana was incredible as we had
tremendous flocks of teal in our fields resulting in great hunts!
“There is no other country in the world where the ordinary citizen can go out & enjoy hunting and fishing. There is no other nation in the world where that happens, and it’s very much part of our heritage.”   Normon Schwarzkopf
Hunters drive their vehicles to a designated area
and transportation to the blind is provided.
The provider of day hunting for ducks and geese since 1978.
     Life is about relationships, first with our Lord and Savior, secondly with our families, and thirdly with neighbors and co-workers.
    Hunting for ducks and geese is an outdoor renewable sporting activity where we can build relationships with family and friends. It’s about enjoying fun times with people you choose to hunt with.
    David Smith Hunting is not about slaughtering large numbers of ducks and geese. It’s about harvesting moderate legal numbers of ducks and geese per hunter per day. In Louisiana we are allowed 6 ducks, 20 blue and snow geese, 2 specklebelly & one Canadian goose per hunter per day. During the Conservation Goose Season, there is no limit on blue and snow geese we can harvest.
    Hunting areas are located north and south of I-10 in the heart of “Goose Country” near Jennings, Louisiana.
    At a given time before sunrise, the guide will meet the hunters at the Shop Rite Travel Plaza , Bourbon Street Cafe, open 24 hours, 1823 Elton Road Jennings, La. 70546 (337-616-9989), Exit 64/Hwy 26 off interstate 10 approximately 500 yards south of interstate 10.
    Hunters will then follow guide in their vehicles to a designated hunting area. Transportation to blind will be provided by guide. Disabled hunters will benefit a lot from a wheelchair. Wheelchairs for narrow doorways on this website about mobility aid devices.
    Consider lodging in Jennings, La. which is near hunting sites. Jennings is located in southwest Louisiana approximately 30 minutes east of Lake Charles and approximately 30 minutes west of Lafayette off I-10 at exit 64 and Hwy 26.
    Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel is located at 310 W. Fred Ruth Zigler Memorial Drive,Jennings, La. 70546. For reservations call 337-824-2699.
The above hunt is not a typical hunt with David Smith Hunting.

   It’s an extraordinary hunt given by an extraordinary God to an ordinary group of hunters. One man within this group of hunters, bold in his faith, led this group in prayer seeking God’s timing as to the day they could come together and enjoy a two day hunt in Christian fellowship. The focus here was to enjoy an outstanding fellowship in a hunting opportunity where no one knows the outcome of a hunt. On this day, God gave these men an extraordinary hunt, a hunt of a lifetime, a hunt these guys will never forget.
Appreciate the fact that we serve a risen and living Lord and Savior.
Serve the Lord with all your heart and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4