David Smith Hunting
Day Hunting for Ducks & Geese

Combo Duck and Goose

Coastal Zone

Nov 7 – Dec 6, 2015

Dec 17 – Jan 17, 2016
All Hunts are Guided
$200 per hunter/per morning
Private Hunts start at 7+ hunters
Consider an exciting action filled Combination Duck and Goose Hunt where ducks and geese are harvested from the same blind. From sunrise to 10:00 AM you will possibly witness (see and hear) literally thousands of blue, snow and ross geese foraging for food in nearby agricultural fields. 
   The famous white-fronted goose also called “speckle belly” are quite numerous in the area and are harvested almost daily along with the occasional Canadian goose.
   Ducks harvested on a combination duck and goose hunt may include numerous pintails, mallards, teal, gadwalls, widgeons, wood ducks and shovelers. Louisiana Law (coastal zone) allows for the harvest of 6-ducks, 2-speckle bellies, 1-Canadian goose and 20- blue and snow geese per hunter per day. During the hunt, observe the performance of retrieving ducks and geese by professional trained retrievers.
   Combination Duck and Goose Hunts accommodate a minimum of 7 hunters per decoy spread. All hunts occur on private locations where walking is easy. Blinds are clean, dry (blinds have tops) and are equipped with front and back shelves for shells, etc. Blinds are also roomy and have cushioned swivel top seats that allow the hunter while seated to swivel 360 degrees providing excellent visual and more timely shooting opportunities.
Geese apparently were not moving very well on this hunt but the ducks were. Tomorrows hunt could produce just the opposite, more geese than ducks.   That’s the beauty of a combo hunt, either the ducks or geese will usually move well. Occasionally, both ducks and geese move a lot on the same day. 
 Note: Paul Baker, guide in center, led this group to a successful hunt. Also, Chris Dear, 2nd from left contributes to many successful hunts! 
Thanks Paul and Chris!